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08:20pm 23/12/2004

Welcome to our 3 first members...


vanesita hug_slut wellcolormeliza


Now y'all can help vote in new members! SPARKLE ON!

08:08pm 23/12/2004

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love just is 
03:26pm 23/12/2004
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First post! 
08:24pm 22/12/2004
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Helllooo! I'm the moderator, Lisa!

For the first 10 applicants I will be the sole decision maker on whether you are in or out. And I'm a prettttty easy judge!

Things I don't like...
-tYpiN* lyke DiZ
-Conceited people! It's great to have confidence in your looks, but don't be ridiculous about it. (Like "I am THE most gorgeous person alivveee!" ya know?)
-People who don't read! List a book!

So be good about those things, and I will look far more kindly on you! Good luck! Sparkle sparkle!
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